My books

Books on Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Have fun while gaining an in-depth knowledge of today's genetic technologies.
A layperson's guide to understanding the ethical issues behind the new genetic technologies
My biographies
Read about the inventive genius who brought us vital contributions to three major industries: electric lighting, motion pictures and the phonograph/music industry.
The life of the martial arts legend.
For nonfiction fans
The story of the magical islands off the coast of Ecuador.
This book explores the fascinating story of New York's port.
Read about the history, geology and geography of this unique Caribbean island.
Young Readers
Six books for the very young explain how plants grow
Three books for third graders on rainforests, deciduous forests and tundras
Learn about oceans and the animals and plants that live there
Learn the story behind India's gleaming marble building
Learn about trained dogs who help people with emotional problems
Learn the history of France's magnificent palace.
Learn how trained dogs protect people with disabilities
A series of 6 books about the fascinating homes that animals build
a series of 4 books on the fascinating ways that animals raise their young
Learn about these COOL animals in the Arctic.

Welcome to Linda Tagliaferro's website

Linda Tagliaferro is an artist and writer. She has written over 40 books for audiences ranging from young children to teenagers and adults. She is also a travel writer with credits including articles in Executive Traveler, AmericanStyle, Art & Antiques, Better Homes and Gardens Vacations, and many other publications. She is a contributing author of "Journeys of A Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips," and "Sacred Places of A Lifetime: 500 of the World's Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations," and several other books published by National Geographic.

Linda has written about spa travel, family travel, eco-travel, senior travel and more.

She has been a freelance writer for The New York Times - Long Island section for 9 years. She has also written for national publications ranging from Boys' Life to Maxim to AARP - The Magazine.

Linda speaks about her books on radio, TV and other venues. She has presented to audiences at the New York Hall of Science, Liberty Science Center, as well as in numerous schools and libraries.

She has been interviewed on TV stations like CNCB, and has spoken on radio stations including the Fox Sports Channel.

To learn more about her books and her life, take a look around this website.

Although Linda lives in the largest borough of New York City --Queens-- she is close to the Long Island border. She is's Long Island writer. Visit her site at to learn more about what to see and do on Long Island.

Note from Linda: If you want to buy my books directly from me, I can personalize them with my autograph. Please e-mail me at nycLindaT@​